Not in the Face

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 12.05.26 PM

Hi Everyone! This is our second week of filming for Pong. Things are going well so far. Yesterday we filmed our scene with Mr. Kim and the dancers. Mr. Kim once again showed how hilarious he truly is. He brought in many of his own additions to add to his costumes, which in themselves were histerical. Kim then went on to give his best performance yet, showing immense aptitude portraying the arrogance needed for the shot. Also, the scene included Kim having to eat fig newtons; however, as the difficult actor he is, he refused to actually eat the newtons and constantly spit them out. In that one scene we went through an entire box of fig newtons. Next week should be a big week for us as we are shooting after midyear exams. Our entire crew is extremely excited. bye. 

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 12.06.08 PM

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