McCluskey is da Man

Screen shot 2014-06-19 at 12.08.38 PM

Hello from crew Lime. It’s the middle of March and we are in the works of creating a fabulous movie. I’m more than satisfied about the buzz Pong has received. Mr. Kim, Mr. McCluskey and Mr. Jean have done everything we have asked for and it’s been nothing but great. Kudos to Mr. McCluskey because frankly I never thought he had the moves he does. Studies and various english classes have provided us with crucial extras that really make every scene, especially when we ask them to wear short shorts. And if anyone is thinking of using Mr. Kim in a movie next year, be aware that it is a struggle to keep a straight face when filming his scenes. Lime is one of the last crews to be wrapping up next week. Once we’re finished it is time crack down and make movies. Liz has generously created sequences that I can mess around with. I hope my skills can measure up to Flatts’ infamous editing. Peace out cub scout. 

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